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This company began because of a hailstorm. I have three (3) automobiles and all were damaged in a hailstorm. I called my insurance company and started the process. An adjusted came out and looked over my first car and cut me a check right there on the spot. Less my deductible of course. Then he suggested I take my car to one of the three (3) national repair shops. So I went to the first one and they told me it might take 2-3 weeks and I would be responsible for my deductible. So I began asking questions. Yes, they said I will have to pay them for any additional repairs found + my deductible. Then I found out they would probably be sending my car out to someone else for the repairs. So I left to go to the next one.

The second experience was very similar to the first shop. So I left.

My third experience was roughly the same as the first and second. So I left.

I decided this sounded like some kind of racket and I chose to do some investigating and here is what I found out.

1. Most auto repair shops do send their cars out to get them done at a Paintless Dent Repair shop – at a reduced price and the referring shop keeps a portion of the total proceeds.

2. On top of that, if the original repair shop was referred by the insurance company, it is likely they receive a discount from the insurance company in the form of a supplemental payment. (Sounds very much like a kickback to me).

It was then I started looking elsewhere for my repairs.

I spoke to several regional and national PDR shops and found a somewhat better experience. But most of them still had some drawbacks and I just did not feel all that comfortable with any of them.

Then I went to have one of my cars inspected and was approached by an independent PDR shop owner next to the inspection station. We had a great conversation and he answered all my questions to my satisfaction AND he agreed to waive my deductible in the deal. It only took 5 days from start to finish and I was more than satisfied… I was elated.

So I gave him my other two (2) and had the same wonderful experience.

It was then I had the idea to start an association of independent PDR shops with all the same values and principles of the shop where I had my great experience. 

My first member is the shop in Allen, Texas where I had my cars repaired.

He can service all of Collin county and the surrounding area

Now let me show you the benefits provided by our member associates.


Associate member  benefits and services

All member associates are required to offer the following to all CountryWide-PDR clients:

  • Priority in & out scheduling for all CountryWide-PDR clients
  • Minimum five (5) years in business and experience
  • Waived deductible up to $500.00
  • Minimum “A” rating with the B.B.B.
  • Rental car assistance and reimbursement ( depending on insurance limits)
  • Pick-up and delivery assistance service
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Lifetime warranty on all PDR repairs
  • Free estimates


I found that there were many independent PDR shops offering similar services but upon investigation I also found most of them had a blemished BBB record or were listed on at least one or more complaint boards with unresolved complaints.

Our members must maintain a higher satisfaction record and have NO (none – zero) unresolved complaints. An unresolved complaint will cause their membership to be suspended until resolved.

our member locations

My idea for this membership association took place in April, 2017 and I am working with just one PDR shop at present.  I am using this shop to develop and test all the policies, procedures, and  other factors necessary to expand and grow this association .

 1ST location – Allen, Texas




contact me  – tom johnson – 972.672.7377

Please contact me to arrange for your hail damage repair and a wonderful experience.